allison + andy: married.

I had the honor to shoot Allison and Andy’s wedding at Lucia Loft in the West Loop last month.

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riot fest.

I attend riot fest every year – its hands down, the best music festival out there. This year I had an amazing opportunity to assist my friend, ryan, who was shooting for alternative press magazine. We spent alot of our time in the press tent, taking portraits of bands, but also ran around to capture bands backstage, photographed live bands and the fest in general. I also got to enjoy the fest too! I’m still on cloud 9 – but here’s some of my images from the weekend. Ryans portraits that I helped assist can be seen here!

IMG_0424 copy

Against me! 
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Real friends.

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devil wears prada. IMG_7627 copyIMG_0044_1 copy IMG_0046 copy

alkaline trio.

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Motorhead. Photographing them was a dream come true!

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Day 2.

IMG_0216 copy

Gwar. What a blast, both live AND in the press tent!

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IMG_0346_1 copy

henry rolins did an AMAZING speaking panel that included 2/3 of the west memphis three. again, another dream come true here.

IMG_0398 copy


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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day 3.

kevin devine.

IMG_7732 copy

new politics.

IMG_0447 copyIMG_0455 copy

less than jake. Again, so much fun, both in the tent, and live!

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reya: 15 months.

This weekend I met Reya and her family over at the honeycomb bridge for a shoot. Reya brought along her best friend, pepe, and was ready to lead the way and gladly get her photo taken!  What a little cutie pie! 
IMG_1718 copy copy
  IMG_1741_1 copyIMG_1733 copy copyIMG_1750_1 copy IMG_1761 copy copy IMG_1776 copy copy

I have to mention that reya is an EXPERT hi-fiver!
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dimitri and elise.

It has been an absolute joy to work with this family three times! I first took photos of elise when she was 18 months in the fall. Then in February, her brother Dimitri was born. Now Elise just turned 2, and her brother is 3 months old. He certainly has changed alot in the few months since I’ve seen him last! He was still alert and happy the whole time – and Elise is doing a fantastic job as big sister!
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rick bayless garden tour.

Last week I had the opportunity to take a tour of Rick Bayless’s home garden in Bucktown. I had signed up for this last summer, so I was really looking forward to it, and it did not disappoint. It’s pretty big for city standards (but not farm-like huge), and what was most amazing that the production part of the garden ALL goes into the restaurant. Some of the food you are eating when you dine at his restaurants comes from his own, personal garden. Pretty cool! I also loved learning about how just about everything gets recycled/reused in some way, shape or form (composting, fed to the chickens, etc.). If you get a chance to check it out, I definitely recommend it.  Now, I need to get myself over to one of his restaurants and try some of his food!

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