gessica + john: married.

Gessica + John’s wedding marked my last wedding of 2015! And what a way to end it – their wedding was at my favorite venue, Salvage One. Gessica was absolutely stunning, and their daughter, madison was a mini version of her mama. It was a wedding not to forget – so grateful to have been a part of it!



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john + drew: she said yes!

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to be in on something really special. I got a call on friday afternoon with the hopes I can help – John was proposing to his girlfriend, Drew – and he was hoping to capture it. The plan was for her to think she was attending a wedding at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. We talked about meeting in the English Walled garden….They showed up “looking for the wedding” and when John felt right, he pulled her close, got down on a knee and the rest was history! Drew was definitely surprised, and I was so honored to have been a part of this fantastic surprise! Congratulations you two, wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

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oh HI! Im here too ūüôā

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emily + stephan: married.

I absolutely loved working with Emily and Stephan. They had a great sense of humor and had fun with the small details of the day. Emily DIY’d alot of the wedding herself, and everything looked impeccable. Emily looked so beautiful, and Stephan looked pretty dapper himself.¬† They were married at Kitchen, which meant we could take photos in the west loop area, which is my absolute favorite. It was a hot and steamy day, but these two took it like a champ and were a blast to work with! I wish them all the best!

readydressdipreadystephen readystephenshoesreadydressfirstlook IMG_0513portraitbouquetportraitdipportraitflowersportraitredbrickportraitfieldportraitskylineportraitalleykissportraitkissbwportraitalleyportraitivyweddingpartystripesweddingpartykissportraitcoupleportraitskyceremonyreadyceremonydadceremonyunity1ceremonyunity2ceremonyunityceremonyvows ceremonyvows1ceremonykissceremonyafterceremonyafterhugcocktaildetailscocktailguestscocktailmomceremonydadbabycocktaildinnercocktaildinnertableskylineembracecakecutspeechesgrandmaspeechessisterspeeches1speechesspeechestoastdancefirstdancefirst2dancefirst1dancedadkissdanceparentsdancefriendsdance_grandmadance_dipdancegarterdancegarterguysdancegarter1dancegartertossdancelaughdancetripledanceglasses

megan and nathan: married.

Megan and Nathan got married at the University Club of Chicago earlier this summer. We were able to explore a little bit downtown Рtaking photos on the 11th floor of the prudential building and along michigan avenue using the city as a backdrop. They had a beautiful summer day surrounded by family and friends РI must give a shout out to her mom who MADE HER DRESS, along with all the boutineers that the bridal party wore! Such a lovely event!

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erin + tim: married.

Erin and Tim got married the day after thanksgiving at the danada house. I love shooting here – its absolutely beautiful in the winter. And erin was such a good sport about romping through the snow and cold. These two were great to work with – they were completely in love – and threw a fanstastic celebration!

This was my last wedding of 2014 and it was a great way to close another wonderful season!

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amber + josh: married.

Amber and Josh had a gorgeous wedding at art tango in chicago. While not traditionally a wedding venue, they did a fantastic job of transforming the space into a cozy event to celebrate their union. We did a first look at Architectural Artifacts, one of my favorite places in the city. They had a unique ceremony where there was no music Рamber and josh were seated and guests of the wedding took turns speaking what is on their mind Рtelling stories, giving advice or just professing their love for these two. It was one of the most special things I have ever been a part of.  These two really are an amazing couple and I am so grateful to have been there to capture their day!

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megan and erik: married.

Megan and erik were an absolute dream to work with! We had such a fun day!! They live in Brooklyn, but had a wedding here in Chicago, where they met, and where Megan is from. We started photos in the west loop, then moved to the greenhouse lofts for the wedding. The whole day was filled with laughter and suprises – Surprise serenades and chinese dragons! It was an all around beautiful day and I’m really happy I got to be part of it!

ready1 readygirls

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meg and marty: married.

I had a lovely day with meg and marty last saturday. I met meg at her parents house in morgan park, then we met marty at promontory point for a first look and some wedding photos. Meg really wanted a back yard wedding, but with 310 guests, that wasn’t possible, but she made the same kind of feel happen a few blocks away from her childhood home at Morgan Park Academy. Complete with outside ceremony, home cooked barbeque and dancing under the stars….oh, and lets not forget the taco food truck that showed up later in the night! Meg was a beautiful bride, and it was a real treat to be part of this special day!

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ellen and bryant: married.

Very excited to kick my 2014 wedding off with ellen and bryant’s special day at osteria via stato! The weather couldnt have been more perfect. And will you take a look at ellen’s dress?! She wore a vintage gown, and looked as if she walked out of an era. These two were in pure bliss all day – constantly smiling and holding hands. Such a treat to work with such a fantastic couple! Congratulations – here’s to many more!

readydress readyshoesreadybluereadyearrings readyrings readyflowersreadyboutfirstlook firstlookkissfirstlookembrace firstlookflowersportraitkiss portraitree portraittrees2portraitwalkblueportraitskylnedance portraitskyln portraitskylineportraitdip portraitfeetceremonylimo ceremonybusportraitwalkportraitbridesmdsceremonyOUTSIDEceremonyellenceremonydad1 ceremonydadceremonyaltar

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sam and nick: married.

Sam and nick’s wedding was the perfect way to end my 2013 wedding season! We started at the Public Hotel, where the they were getting ready and had their first look. Then we walked around Old Town and made our way to the Raquet Club of Chicago for the ceremony and celebration. All the little details that Sam put into this day made everything so special. The whole night was an absolute blast! Congrats Nick and Sam!

readyDress readydress2readyearringsreadymakeup  readymakeup2

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