welcome to the world dimitri.

Last Monday, Dimitri made his way into this world. Just six days later I had the honor to visit and take some photos of this handsome little guy. He’s the baby brother of Elise, who I just photographed a few months ago. I’m so happy to have had the chance to work with this family again and can’t wait to see these beautiful babes grow!

IMG_5415_1copy IMG_5436_1 copy IMG_5457COPY copy IMG_5462 copy copy IMG_5474 copy copy IMG_5476 copy copy IMG_5479_1 copy IMG_5484 copy copy IMG_5488 copy copy IMG_5500 copy copy IMG_5503 copy copy IMG_5506 copy copy IMG_5524_1 copy IMG_5528 copy copy IMG_5529 copy copy IMG_5531 copy copy IMG_5534 copy copy IMG_5542 copy copy IMG_5554 copy copy IMG_5565 copy copy IMG_5612 copy copy IMG_5614_1 copy

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