Baby L: two years old. not so much a baby anymore.

This little dude is about to turn 2!  That wasnt the only reason they wanted to take photos – they just left to go sailing – indefinitely! They left their home here in chicago and are out at sea as we speak! We met up after eloise’s shoot a few weeks ago for a mini session, also at wagner farm. Sending lots of love and happy vibes to this family as they embark on this adventure at sea!
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henry and charlie.

I have neglected posting lately, but I have been shooting! Fall is gearing up to be a busy time as usual so Im going to try to use this calm before the storm to get caught up.

I photographed charlie last fall, and now he is a big brother to baby henry!

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elise + dimitri.

Elise and dimitri are back on the blog! This time we took fall photos in the old town neighborhood. It’s so crazy how quickly these kiddos change and grow – I had just seen them a few months ago, over the summer, and they seemed so much more grown up already!

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fall mini sessions.

As seen in the last post, I offered fall mini sessions a few weeks ago. I had six families come out and do photos that day at loyola beach. Below are some highlights from that day! I shot some families for the first time, as well as some of my previous clients. Was a very busy, very lovely day and im so thankful for all those who came out!

liam and mara.

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zoe is a big sister now! she has a baby brother, ian. heres baby zoe when she was ian’s age.

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Victor and noam are back for more photos!
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Jonas, emmet and lilah (who just turned one!)
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And Baby L was back for more photos, who also just turned one!
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zoe: 15 months.

A few weeks ago I met zoe and her family in millenium park for photos. Zoe was a dream to work with. Not only was she totally adorable – she was smiley and happy the whole time. Zoe lives on michigan avenue, so it was super fun to take photos right in her “front yard.”

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dimitri and elise.

It has been an absolute joy to work with this family three times! I first took photos of elise when she was 18 months in the fall. Then in February, her brother Dimitri was born. Now Elise just turned 2, and her brother is 3 months old. He certainly has changed alot in the few months since I’ve seen him last! He was still alert and happy the whole time – and Elise is doing a fantastic job as big sister!
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