dimitri and elise.

It has been an absolute joy to work with this family three times! I first took photos of elise when she was 18 months in the fall. Then in February, her brother Dimitri was born. Now Elise just turned 2, and her brother is 3 months old. He certainly has changed alot in the few months since I’ve seen him last! He was still alert and happy the whole time – and Elise is doing a fantastic job as big sister!
IMG_6754_1 copy IMG_6773 2 copy copy IMG_6777 2 copy copy  IMG_6780_1 copy IMG_6793 2 copy copy IMG_6796 2 copy copy  IMG_6830 copy copy IMG_6831 copy copy IMG_6842 copy 2 copy IMG_6872 copy copy IMG_6889 copy copy IMG_6891 copy copy IMG_6893 copy copy IMG_6898 copy copy

IMG_6966 copy copyIMG_6926_copy


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