nina: almost one year old.

Earlier this year I took photos of nina when she was 7 months old. Now she is about to turn one! We met at the Grove on Saturday morning to take some autumn photos of her – Last time we met, she was just learning to crawl, now shes walking!





eloise: one year.

What a treat to get to photograph eloise and her family. We did a mini session shortly after she turned one, at the Historic Wagner Farm, where she had her first birthday party just a week or two before hand. The day started pouring with rain, but soon things cleared up and we were able to get a shoot in. Ellie wasn’t so sure at first, but her little personality came out and she showed us her many smiley faces! She’s such a silly happy little girl! Hopefully big brother george can join use next time…

She wasn’t so sure of me at first…
IMG_3695_1 copy
But that didn’t last long…
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ali, asher…and addie!

This family holds a very special place in my heart. I have had the opportunity to photograph them EVERY year, since ali and asher were 4 weeks old. They were one of my first family shoots and despite how far we live from eachother, they have hired me every year to photograph the twins…except last year…because addie was born! This was my first time meeting him – and next time I see them, baby #4 will be here! So exciting to see this family change and grow, and can’t wait to see them again when their new baby is here.

I have photographed them too many times to link them all, BUT check out the last time we did a shoot at millenium park! Crazy, right?!

IMG_0877_1 copy copyIMG_0885 copy copyIMG_0891 copy copyIMG_0900 copy copyIMG_0902 copy copyIMG_0914 copy copyIMG_0919 copy copyIMG_0938 copy copyIMG_0939 copy copyIMG_0949_1 copy copyIMG_0951 copy copyIMG_0969 copy copyIMG_0976_1 copy copyIMG_0987 copy copyIMG_0996 copy copyIMG_1017 copy copyIMG_1024_1 copy copyIMG_1049_1 copy copyIMG_1053 copy copyIMG_1059_1 copy copyIMG_1066_1 copy copyIMG_1100_1 copy

fall mini sessions.

As seen in the last post, I offered fall mini sessions a few weeks ago. I had six families come out and do photos that day at loyola beach. Below are some highlights from that day! I shot some families for the first time, as well as some of my previous clients. Was a very busy, very lovely day and im so thankful for all those who came out!

liam and mara.

IMG_4268 copy copy IMG_4275 copy copy IMG_4284 copy copy IMG_4301 copy copy IMG_4336 copy copy IMG_4343 copy copy   IMG_4367 copy copy IMG_4405 copy copy IMG_4407_1 copy
IMG_4415_1 copy

zoe is a big sister now! she has a baby brother, ian. heres baby zoe when she was ian’s age.

IMG_4442 copy copy IMG_4445 copy copy IMG_4457 copy copy IMG_4467_1 copy IMG_4476_1 copy IMG_4505 copy copy IMG_4543 copy copy IMG_4553_1 copy IMG_4568 copy copy IMG_4592_1 copy

Victor and noam are back for more photos!
IMG_4604 copy copy IMG_4618 copy copy IMG_4639 copy copy  IMG_4650 copy copy IMG_4656 copy copy IMG_4671 copy copy IMG_4673 copy copy IMG_4677 copy copy IMG_4735 copy copy IMG_4739 copy copy IMG_4746 copy copy IMG_4752 copy copy IMG_4766 copy copy

Jonas, emmet and lilah (who just turned one!)
IMG_4783 copy copy IMG_4792_1 copy IMG_4821 copy copy IMG_4861 copy copy IMG_4871 copy copy IMG_4894 copy copy IMG_4899 copy copy IMG_4914 copy copy IMG_4915 copy copy

And Baby L was back for more photos, who also just turned one!
IMG_4929 copy copy IMG_4935 copy copy IMG_4963 copy copy IMG_4997 copy copy IMG_5000 copy copy IMG_5011 bcopy IMG_5088 copy copy

fay, scott, quinn & lucy.

A few weeks ago, I offered mini sessions at loyola beach. This was my third time doing these mini sessions and this awesome family has joined me everytime! I dont usually shoot older kids, and most of my jokes are geared towards 5 year olds….but this family makes it a breeze. They have wonderfuly personality, lots of fun ideas and are so much fun to shoot! They were my first session, bright and early over at loyola beach that morning. I love how this session turned out. Thanks for the fun, guys, and thanks for joining me again!!

Their previous shoots are here and here. Time sure flies doesn it?!

IMG_3997 copy_1 copy IMG_4003 copy copy IMG_4015 copy copy IMG_4044 copy copy IMG_4075 copy copy IMG_4084 copy copy IMG_4093 copy copy IMG_4117 copy copy IMG_4249 copyIMG_4143 copy copy IMG_4146 copy copy IMG_4154 copy copy IMG_4171 copy copy IMG_4189 copy copy  IMG_4264 copy copy

lindsey + brian.

Lindsey and brian just bought their first home in chicago on friday. And then on saturday morning we had a photoshoot! They wanted to capture photos for their holiday card in their new neighborhood, Old Town! I had a great time with the two of them and wish them lots of fun adventures in their new part of town.

IMG_0091 copy IMG_0084 copy

IMG_9939 copy IMG_0160 copy IMG_0154 copy IMG_0143 copy IMG_0140 copyIMG_0179 copy IMG_0130copy    IMG_0057 copy IMG_0053 copy IMG_0040 copy IMG_0005copy IMG_9994 copy IMG_9974 copyIMG_0197 copy IMG_0211 copy  IMG_0207 copy