erika & lindsay: married.

My first wedding of 2013! Erika and Lindsey’s wedding was a great way to kick it off! Room 1520 was a great venue and perfect for their DIY details. It was so great to work with these two –  both this night, and back when we did engagment photos!

All the best to these two! Thanks for letting me be part of your day!

IMG_4899 copy

IMG_4901 copy

IMG_4906_1 copy

IMG_4914_1 copy

IMG_4933 copy copy


IMG_4934_1 copy

IMG_5008 copy

IMG_5028 copy copy

IMG_5041 copy copy

IMG_5045 copy copy

IMG_5046 copy

IMG_5111v copy


IMG_5112 copy

IMG_5144 copy

IMG_5154_1 copy

IMG_5184 copy

IMG_5187_1 copy

IMG_5190 copy copy

IMG_5218 copy copy

IMG_5336_1 copy






IMG_5560 copy

IMG_5621v copy

IMG_5627v copy

IMG_5751 copy

IMG_5769 copy

IMG_5805 copy

IMG_5808 copy

IMG_5855 copy

IMG_5872 copy

IMG_5873 copy

IMG_5876 copy

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