Istanbul has been on my bucket-list of travel for quite some time now. Last week, we were able to spend some time there and it didn’t dissapoint. Spring is making its debut there right about now – the sun was shining and the tulips were in full bloom. We were staying in sultanahmet, or the Old city – which is where you will find the main sites – and is pretty touristy. There is plenty to do and see here, but if you are ever in istanbul, make sure to explore its other parts because we really came across some treasures, especially in kadikoy.

Our first day there we visited the Topkapi Palace.

IMG_5893 copy IMG_5943 copy IMG_5919 copyThen we did some exploring through the old city, and stopping in the blue mosque.

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Near the ferries, right outside the spice market, we discovered the pigeons. So many pigeons. You could feed them and there were plenty of children chasing them. The pigeons were my favorite and we stopped here many times.

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There were also cats and dogs everywhere. They were extremely friendly and pretty well taken care of for being stray. Seems that people feed them scraps and kibble. They cats will weave through your legs while you are dining outside and the dogs will be basking in the sunlight.

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A visit to the amazing Hagia Sophia, where it turns out cats also roam freely.

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We took the ferry over to the asian side, Kadikoy, and this was probably my favorite place to wander. We ate our best meal here at Ciya Sofrasi, and wandered the markets and shops Kadikoy had to offer.

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Back in Sultanahmet, we walked through the Grand Bazaar many times, along with the spice market, where we sampled and purchased much turkish delight!

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One afternoon we walked to the Galata tower, and discovered a whole other area to explore; The area around galata is bustling with music stores and street musicians and the area north of there, Beyoglu, is full of fun antique shops, graffiti and dogs and cats a plenty. The views from the tower are pretty stunning.

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