baby lucas.

A few years ago, my friend’s lauren and dan had a baby girl, Lucy, and I was there to photograph her when she was a wee baby. Last week, Lauren gave birth to a baby boy, Lucas, and just five days later I was able to visit and snap some photos of this little guy. He looks ALOT like his little sister did. So happy for this sweet family of four!

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IMG_6282_1 copy

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IMG_6257_1 copy
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IMG_6365 copy

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zackary and dylan.

Laura and Ben’s wedding was one of my first weddings! They had zackary soon after, and right before dylan showed up, I took photos of zack and a pregnant laura. Now, they have a new home, and I took photos of all four of them! Such a delight and honor to get to chronicle this beautiful family.

holiday special #2: Chloe’s family.

Sorry for the delay – thanksgiving kind of got in the way….Up next in the holiday photo special is Chloe’s family. Chloe is one of my fellow skaters in Derby lite. She also skates with the windy city rollers…..and she also has an adorable family. I had no idea she was a mom of THREE! We had alot of fun on our “urban photo adventure!”