Remember film? I kind of have a love affair with it.

There is just something about it that you can’t get from shooting with digital. No filters, no photoshop, no re-do. Its what photography really is about: Chance.
I had to take Photo 1 and darkroom in college and was required to get a fully manual, film camera. I headed to Central Camera in the loop and got a Nikon FM10. I was petrified of taking that class because I had no idea what I was doing. Turned out with some trial and error, to be one of my favorite classes I have taken in college. It was also the only photo class I have ever taken.

I continued to use that FM10 throughout the years – I brought it with me on various vacations – Paris, Italy….and I used it to shoot bands, and just every day life. Once I got my first DSLR, I kind of put this camera on the back burner.

Recently I visited my friend Susan in California and she took a bunch of photos of Milo. She happened to have a camera loaded with some film, and just shot a random photo of Milo and I and when I saw it – I knew I needed to load some film in my camera and start shooting.

So thats what I did.

I recently listened to Mig Reyes talk about his creative process. He talked about not being afraid of failing and finding beauty in the ugly and sometimes we need to just break things to make it beautiful. So I’m going to take his creative advice and apply it. Take risks! Its that chance and capturing the moment that makes a great photo. Theres no erasing, no going back. Just shoot and go.

I had a roll of film I started about 3 years ago in my camera, and I finished that this week, along with a whole other roll. I brought my film to the photo lab last night and went to pick it up this morning. So every photo may not be perfect, but I definitely have some that I absolutely love – and there is just something here I just couldnt achieve with a Digital camera. I didn’t have to put it through any filters to get the vintage-y affect. No photoshop. It just the way it looks.

So I’m going to stop hoarding all this film in my fridge and take some risks. I’m not going to be afraid of failing and instead find the beauty and learn from it all! Film is not dead!

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