leilani & marley.

This weekend I met Leilani and her twin sister Marley. They are almost 3 years old. We took photos in a park in oak park on a beautiful summer-y day. The girls were so adorable – we had fun picking dandelions, running around and looking for bunnies and squirrels. Both girls were as sweet as can be, and I had a great time!

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derby lite.

For almost two years now, I have been skating with derby lite. Derby lite is a fitness league “for women who know better.” It is 2 hours of rollerderby drills, taught by real rollerderby girls, without having to compete. Its ALOT of fun. I’m able to do things on skates I never thought was imaginable, as well as made some pretty amazing friends! However, I took a little break from skating because my fall photo season was pretty busy, among other things. I paid them a visit a few weeks ago and snapped some photos while David Kindler took some action shots.  It sure made me realize how much I can’t wait to put my skates back on and join them out there! Hopefully soon!