jacob, owen + lucia.

I had the opportunity to take photos of jacob, owen + lucia, again. This year we went to a little park in northbrook. Its been so fun to watch these little ones grow. Espceially lucia- who was just three months old when we did photos last year!

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jillian, ty and jack.

A few weeks ago I met this lovely family at the Grove in Glenview to take some photos. It was the perfect autumn day for a family session!

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nate: 4 years.

I had a great time running around the chicago botanic gardens with little mr. nate and his moms and dads! I even learned a few good knock-knock jokes.
want to hear one?

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Smell mop.
Smell mop who?

Say it out loud. Yep. My kind of humor. My kind of client. Good times!

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