welcome to the world baby L!

I had been anticipating the arrival of baby L since I first heard his parents were pregnant. When they asked me to photograph him, I was over-the-moon excited! He is just over two weeks old here, and he is a beautiful, happy baby. I know his life will be filled with fun and adventures ahead and I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow!

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zoe: 1 month.

Hello world! meet miss zoe. Her mom and I have been friends since fourth grade. So when it was time to go meet the little sweet pea, I had to have a little photo shoot with her too. She slept through just about our entire visit, and put up with all my moving and shifting her around. Shes a good little baby. Can’t wait to watch this beautiful girl grow. For now, Congrats to Jenny and Jim! and welcome to the world little zoe!