leslie and sherry: engaged.

Last week I took photos of leslie and sherry who were recently engaged. We took photos in rogers park on an unseasonably cold day. But we made the most of it, and I really enjoyed working with these two!

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zoe: 1 month.

Hello world! meet miss zoe. Her mom and I have been friends since fourth grade. So when it was time to go meet the little sweet pea, I had to have a little photo shoot with her too. She slept through just about our entire visit, and put up with all my moving and shifting her around. Shes a good little baby. Can’t wait to watch this beautiful girl grow. For now, Congrats to Jenny and Jim! and welcome to the world little zoe!





megan and andrew: married.

Megan and Andrew were one of the first weddings I booked for this year, and time just flew by – they got married labor day weekend and had a lovely wedding at fultons on the river. The day called for rain and it was cloudy and grey all day, but the rain stayed away. We took photos around chicago where we got to use our lovely city as a backdrop from all different kinds of angles….Somehow it miraculously stayed dry the whole day, even though dark clouds lingered over us most of the time! I had a great time at their wedding….Wishing the two of them all the best!

christine and jake: married.

Christine and jake had a lovely wedding at architectural artifacts last week. They were so much fun to work with – they have a GREAT sense of humor! We did a very beautiful first look at montrose beach and then headed to the venue for photos and the ceremony. The night was alot of fun and I had a great time working with the two of them. Below is just a small snippet of the many photos from their beautiful wedding day!

amy and andres: married.

Amy and Andres were a JOY to work with in so many ways. First of all, they met abroad while Amy was studying in Chile…My day-job is a graphic designer for a non-profit which provides study abroad programs…The very same program that Amy was enrolled in when she met Andres! They are a beautiful, VERY MUCH in love, bilingual couple, with much love for their family and friends. They chose to recite the same vows as Amy’s parents, they had three of their best friends sing during the ceremony, and they made a point to make it to every table to take a photo with all their guests. They have spent much of their relationship apart due to distance, but now they will finally get to be together. They are off to Chile to live for the next year or so while Andres finishes up his program there – Can’t wait to see where the world takes them next. All the best to the two of you!

Right before the ceremony began, Amy and Andres shared a prayer together. They were divided by the wall, so they got a moment together without actually seeing eachother. It was beautiful and gave me goosebumps!