nyc on film.

I spent a weekend in NYC and brought along only one camera: my nikon fm10. Didnt spend alot of time shooting, but managed to get a roll of film in there! While these photos are far from perfect, it sure felt great! I definltely need more of this in my life!

18580037 18580035

18580030  18580029 18580028 18580022 18580021 18580020 18580018 18580017 18580016 18580015 18580012 18580010 18580009

tri-x 400.

I found a whole bunch of tri-x 400 black and white film at a garage sale two years ago and finally gave it a go in my nikon fm10. I definitley have my work cut out for me, but here are a few keepers.

16489509747_622fc8089d_o 16509399500_9d070c7952_o 16510658219_bcf747f290_o16695752512_907be07819_o 16696789305_94c4252316_o16670852496_52ae6f920a_o16074479784_8ca1327cc6_o(1)16696791435_46554dc53e_o

more summer on film.

I processed another roll of film today! I’m telling you, I’m like a little kid on my way to a toy store when this is happening. This time I tried this film I got at the lomography store in LA about a year and a half ago…The colors are alot more vibrant than last time, especially in the sunlight. I plan to load my camera right back up and keep shooting. There will definitely be more to come!


45980003  45980008 45980009 45980013 45980018 45980019 45980020

45980006 45980021 45980023 45980029 45980030 45980034  45980038