rebecca and ross: married.

Rebecca and Ross were so much fun to work with. They met here in chicago, but reside in Australia, where Ross is from. Rebecca made everything herself. And did a damn good job at it! The details were impeccable! All the flowers were from the green city market. So much eye candy. Their wedding took place at Kitchen, which is a great venue that fit Rebecca’s vision perfectly. All the best to the two of you…it was definitely an honor to be part of your special day!

beth & wes: married.

I was so excited for bes and wes’ backyard wedding day!

Their wedding was filled with lots of my favorite things: a dog, a backyard, tattoos, good music, and vegan cake!

The weather was gorgeous and the day was just perfect. Beth made all the decorations, her mom did the flowers and they deejayed the wedding themselves.  They had an intimate ceremony for just their immediate family at 4:30, then later their closest friends showed up to celebrate. They had a day that truly represented who they are, and I feel so honored to have been a part of it. Congratulations Beth and Wes!

emma and ross: married!

Emma and Ross, who I photographed back in July, got married this past Sunday at the Byron Colby Barn. The barn is absolutely lovely, and Emma did such a fantastic job putting everything together. All of the details were handmade, full of all kinds of sentiments. Emma and Ross were two of the most happiest people I have ever seen. Emma was beaming since the second the hotel door opened and she said hello to me. This was truly a special day – the weather was perfect – and these two were surrounded by love.

Emma went out of her way and got me my own vegan cupcake. It’s rare that I have a good meal at a wedding (which i definitely had at this one!) – its extra rare that I ever get desert. Thanks so much for thinking of me!!

Now on with the photos….

The girls stopped at a bar beforehand to grab a shot of tequila…

….and now my most favorite moment of the night…The couple, who decided they were not going to have a first dance, got so caught up in the moment – they snuck in a little dance. It was so romantic and so wonderful….I almost lost it…