jill + jeremy: baby on the way!

So happy to share these photos from jill and jeremy’s maternity shoot around their new neighborhood: bucktown and wicker park. We roamed around, then stopped by to pick up soon-to-be-big-sister-penny! Really excited for the addition of their baby girl in just a few weeks!

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brittany + kurt: gender reveal!

Brittany and kurt are 20 weeks pregnant. They contacted me to get some maternity/holiday photos. They also had an envelope with the gender of the baby inside and wanted to open it together during the shoot. HOW they were able to hold on to this little important envelope of information until then was beyond me! They even waited until the end of the shoot to do it! Oh the anticipation and will power these two have! They are keeping the gender of the baby a secret from friends and family though so you are just going to have to wait and see what that envelope told them!

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