ali, asher…and addie!

This family holds a very special place in my heart. I have had the opportunity to photograph them EVERY year, since ali and asher were 4 weeks old. They were one of my first family shoots and despite how far we live from eachother, they have hired me every year to photograph the twins…except last year…because addie was born! This was my first time meeting him – and next time I see them, baby #4 will be here! So exciting to see this family change and grow, and can’t wait to see them again when their new baby is here.

I have photographed them too many times to link them all, BUT check out the last time we did a shoot at millenium park! Crazy, right?!

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dylan and zackary.

There’s really not much better than spending a sunday morning chasing around two little boys for the sake of photos! Especially when its these two. (and here!) It sure has been fun to tell their story!

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