carrie + marty: married.

My last wedding of the year was with Carrie and Marty  who got married in Rock Rapids, Iowa, where Carrie is from –  and then had a reception in Sioux Fall, South Dakota. Rain was in the forecast for a good chunk of the day, but we managed to get some photos in her parents back yard before the rain finally came. By the time we got to the reception though, the sun was shining! I had a wonderful time with these two. Couldn’t be happier for two people to be married!

readyhairreadydipreadydressesreadymartyreadymartymomreadyveilceremonyaisleceremonyaltarceremonyhandsceremonykissceremonyafterportraitbouquetwalkportraityardportraitkisswideportraittreesimg_7497img_7498portraitkissveilportraithandspotraitswing2portraitswingsportraitswingdipportraitmenportrait_thomasflowerspoirtraitweddingpartyIMG_7566 copy.jpgpoirtraitsignportraitfallsdipportraitfallsportraitfamilyportraitallfallsreceptionbikesreceptiontablereceptionintroreceptionhug2receptionthomashugreceptioncarrieready copy.jpgreceptionthomasIMG_7816_1.JPGtoasthandstoastemilytoastlaughIMG_5063_1.JPGfirstdancebwfirstdancekissfirstdancemomdancemomandaddancemomIMG_7882_1.JPGdancechickendancebrotherdanceall

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