happy new year!

2014 marked my fifth year and it was one for the books! I am so thankful for the families, brides, grooms and other opportunities that have come my way! It was a busy year, but one that I am definitely proud of.  Thanks to all of you that helped make it possible.  Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

ceremonypreach cocktailportrait  dragons1 firstlook img_0053-copy  img_0479_1-copy img_0951_1_1-copy img_1039-copy_1-copy img_1440-copy-copy img_2024-copy-copy img_2158-copy-copy  img_2403 img_2457-copy-copy  img_3018-copy img_3178-copy-copy img_3896-copy img_4589-copy img_5506-copy-copy img_5614_1-copy img_6167-copy img_6279-copy img_6419_1-copy img_6803-copy img_6842-copy-2-copy img_7157_1-copy img_7789-copy img_7981_1-copy img_8253-copy img_8594-copy-copy img_8738-copy-copy img_8937-copy-copy img_8944-copy-copy img_9053_1-copy img_9517-copy-copy img_9639-copyb img_9738-copy-copy kittiekiss  portraitafterkiss portraitbwwindow portraitgirls portraitgreen  portraits4 portraitwalk readystairs 15766728775_d35edda63b_oProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetimg_0457-copy-copydancesarmsportrait14

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