erin + tim: married.

Erin and Tim got married the day after thanksgiving at the danada house. I love shooting here – its absolutely beautiful in the winter. And erin was such a good sport about romping through the snow and cold. These two were great to work with – they were completely in love – and threw a fanstastic celebration!

This was my last wedding of 2014 and it was a great way to close another wonderful season!

IMG_0295 copy copy copyIMG_0252_1 copy IMG_0259 copy copyIMG_0227 copy copy IMG_0228 copy copyIMG_0248 copy copy IMG_0251 copy copyIMG_0235 copy copyIMG_0280 copy copy IMG_0281 copy copyIMG_0300 copy copy IMG_0312 copy copyIMG_0315 copy copy IMG_0323 copy copyIMG_0340 copy copyIMG_0431 copy copyIMG_0397 copy IMG_0400 copy copyIMG_0442 copy copy IMG_0479_1 copy IMG_0469 copy copyIMG_0349 copy copyIMG_0595 copy copy IMG_0591 copy copy IMG_0584 copy copy IMG_0579 copy copy IMG_0515 copy copy IMG_0512 copy copyIMG_7825_1 copy IMG_7859_1 copyIMG_8354_1 copyIMG_8348_1 copyIMG_7909_1 copy IMG_7914 copyIMG_7915 copyIMG_7935 copyIMG_7934_1 copyIMG_7957_1 copyIMG_8044_1 copyIMG_8047_1 copyIMG_8012 copyIMG_8465_1 copyIMG_8542 copyIMG_8523 copyIMG_8524 copy IMG_8530_1 copy IMG_8529_1 copy IMG_8562 copy IMG_8565 copy IMG_8581 copyIMG_8654 copy IMG_8737 copy IMG_8676 copyIMG_8749 copy IMG_8788 copy IMG_8785 copyIMG_8803 copyIMG_8651 copyIMG_8742 copy

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