amber + josh: married.

Amber and Josh had a gorgeous wedding at art tango in chicago. While not traditionally a wedding venue, they did a fantastic job of transforming the space into a cozy event to celebrate their union. We did a first look at Architectural Artifacts, one of my favorite places in the city. They had a unique ceremony where there was no music – amber and josh were seated and guests of the wedding took turns speaking what is on their mind – telling stories, giving advice or just professing their love for these two. It was one of the most special things I have ever been a part of.  These two really are an amazing couple and I am so grateful to have been there to capture their day!

IMG_7061_1 copy  IMG_7067_1 copyIMG_7077 copyIMG_7087 copy  IMG_7109 copy IMG_7170 copyIMG_7120_1 copy  IMG_7157_1 copyIMG_7164 copyIMG_7233 copyIMG_7279_1 copyIMG_7299 copyIMG_7319 copy IMG_7308 copyIMG_7254 copyIMG_7429 copyIMG_7479 copyIMG_7421 copyIMG_7404 copyIMG_7492_1 copy IMG_7522_1 copy IMG_7542 copyIMG_7681 copyIMG_7718_1 copyIMG_7703 copyIMG_7730 copy IMG_7737 copyIMG_7748 copyIMG_7476 copyIMG_7784 copyIMG_7861 copyIMG_7960 copyIMG_7620 copy IMG_7947 copyIMG_7909_1 copy IMG_7929 copyIMG_7971 copy  IMG_7981_1 copyIMG_8000 copyIMG_7886 copyIMG_7670_2 copy IMG_7669 copyIMG_7625 copyIMG_7695 copyIMG_7718_2 copyIMG_7757_2 copy IMG_7773_2 copy IMG_7769_2 copyIMG_7789 copyIMG_7632_1 copy


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