flavia + mike: married.

mike and flavia are married! One thing was definitely clear on this rainy day – these two are best friends. They compliment and complete eachother – no doubt whatsoever!!  It was such a lovely evening at north shore country club and I was so glad I could be part of it. I know these two will have many fun adventures ahead of them! All the best mike and flavia!

readystairs1readyshoesreadydresszipreadymirrorreadydonereadystevenreadystairsreadylastceremony-readyceremonymenceremonydadceremonyhandsceremonyvowsmike cermeonyvowsflaviaceremonykiss   portraitgreenportraitbwportrait1portraitredportraitgirlsportraits_groomsmenportraitallportraitlastportraitbwwindowportraitflaviaportraitlibrarycocktailflavia cocktailhug cocktailfriendcocktailsteven portraitmikefriendcocktailpbcocktailfb2cocktailroomcocktailmenudinnerspeechdancefirst2dancefirstdance5dance3dancedance2dance1dance6dance7dancethumb

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