nate and dayna: married.

I had a great time photographing nate and dayna’s wedding last weekend. They are currently living on the east coast, but got married here, near where Dayna grew up. We started the day in arlington heights, then headed to Barrington for a reception at Millrose’s.They were so much fun to work with – always making eachother laugh! I So glad I got to be part of their day!

IMG_1918 copy copy

IMG_1952 copy copyIMG_0313 copy copy IMG_0312 copy copyIMG_2003 copy copy IMG_2024 copy copyIMG_2021 copy copyIMG_1975 copy copyIMG_0360_1 copy IMG_0387_1 copyIMG_2099 copy copy

IMG_2158 copy copy IMG_2166 copy copy IMG_2406 copy copyIMG_2442 copy copyIMG_2467 copy copyIMG_2457 copy copyIMG_2494 copyIMG_2339 copy copyIMG_2321 copy copyIMG_2335 copy copyIMG_2311 copy copyIMG_2403IMG_2590_1 copyIMG_2536_1 copyIMG_2674_1 copyIMG_0457 copy copyIMG_0528 copy IMG_0634 copy IMG_0612_1 copy IMG_0587 copy copy IMG_0534 copyIMG_0510_1 copyIMG_0460 copy copyIMG_2762_1 copy IMG_2785 copyIMG_2952 copyIMG_2939 copyIMG_2974_1 copy IMG_2990_1 copyIMG_2821 copy copyIMG_2878_1 copy

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