loren and brian: married.

I am so honored to have photographed the BEAUTIFUL marriage of loren and brian on saturday. They had a lovely ceremony at the Immanuel Lutheran Evangelical Church in Edgewater, surrounded by family and friends. It was filled with so much love and emotion. Brian surprised loren (and all of us!) and performed “all of me” by John Legend. It was amazing, and if you weren’t crying during it, you were definitely smiling ear to ear. After the ceremony we stopped by Loren and Brian’s place to feed the kitties before heading over to the Ravenswood Event center (in the pouring rain!) for a southern feast and some dancing. It was a magical evening – So happy to be reconnect with loren and be part of this day!

readylorendiptiereadysimonelaughreadylorenfeetReadyLorenDip ReadyLorenBowreadyBrianceremonypreachceremonysingceremonysing2receivingbrianloren receivingfirstreceivinghugreceiving2IMG_0153 copycarcar2cardipkittie kittiedip kittiekiss kittieportrait cocktailraincocktaildetail2 cocktaildetailcocktailtypecocktailloren cocktailhugcocktailportrait2 cocktailportraitcocktailentrancepartymomma partykisspartyspeechpartytoast partytoast2dancefirst dancefirsthugdancedollar dancesimonedancemandanceloren

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