ali, asher, miles, logan and maliha.

Happy new year! 2013 ended on a whirl wind – the last few months for me were jam packed – so I’m a little late blogging this. But I ended 2013 on a high note – getting to work with one of my absolute favorite families!

I first photographed ali and asher  when they were four weeks old. Their cousin miles was there visiting and I snapped some photos of him as well.  Then when the babes were 9 months old, I was back for more. I worked with them again, when they were 18 months old, this time another visit with miles and baby logan made his debut. Next thing you know these kiddos are 3 years old! And now they just turned four and they were back for more – with THREE cousins in tow – now introducing baby maliha!

It has been SO much fun to watch these babiess grow into the little kiddos they are today! We met at Garfield Park Conservatory in late December to snap these last minute holiday photos.

IMG_4442 copy IMG_4444 copy IMG_4469 copy IMG_4454 copyIMG_4555 copyIMG_4421_1 copy IMG_4439copy IMG_4427_1 copy IMG_4426 copyIMG_4504_1 copy IMG_4532 copy IMG_4505_1 copyIMG_4612 copyIMG_4713 copyIMG_4686 copy IMG_4649 copy IMG_4616 copy

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