sarah and john: married in colorado.

Sarah and John contacted me last year to see if I would be interested in coming to Denver to photograph their weddings at the Botanic Gardens.
I had never been to Colorado so I was definitely looking forward to this day! And it was an absolutely perfect day. Blue skies and autumn leaves were our backdrop, surrounded by lots of their family and friends. I completely adored working with John and Sarah – they were so laid back and easy going and very much in love. It was such a memorable day all around! I really had a fun day and was truly honored to be a part of it!

IMG_0459 copy
IMG_0506 copy IMG_0488 copy copy IMG_0483 copy copyIMG_9827_1 copy IMG_9838 copy copyIMG_0476 copyIMG_0542 copy copy IMG_0579 copy copy

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IMG_0643_1 copy  IMG_9928 copy copyIMG_1064 copy copyIMG_1024 copy copy IMG_1003 copy copy IMG_0998 copy

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IMG_0089 copy copy IMG_0100 copy copy IMG_0148 copy copy IMG_0122_1 copy IMG_0162 copy copy

IMG_0833_1 copyIMG_0276 copy IMG_0997 copy IMG_0973 copyIMG_0968 copyIMG_9997 copy IMG_9970 copy

IMG_1038 copy copyIMG_1128 copy


IMG_1142 copy IMG_1137 copy IMG_1134 copy

IMG_1210 copy IMG_1202 copy copyIMG_1220_1 copy IMG_1230_1 copyIMG_1330_1 copy IMG_1354 copy copyIMG_1395_1 copy IMG_1457_1 copyIMG_1594 copyIMG_1558_1 copyIMG_1623 copy IMG_1657_1 copyIMG_1378 copy copyIMG_1280 copy

5 thoughts on “sarah and john: married in colorado.

  1. Erica-
    I have been smiling, in awe, crying, laughing and so happy while I have been looking at these photos. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to Colorado and being such a huge part of our day!! You were the best to work with and you are so amazingly talented. Best decision we made was hiring you. Forever grateful!
    Sarah (the bride)

  2. Erica,

    These are great photos. 🙂 It makes me want to plan a wedding again just so I can have you take the photos.

    Great job!


  3. These are amazing!!!!! You completely captured all the little parts of what make Sarah and John the cutest dang couple ever! Thank you for everything… these are wonderful memories we will all cherish!
    Kristen (sister of groom)

  4. Erica – I am just catching up on your blog, and I am LOVING these wedding photos. I don’t know these people at all, but I feel the joy, and you truly got some amazing shots. Great job as always! -Sue

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