One of my new years resolutions was to take more photos – for fun!

I completed a 365 project a few years ago – and tried last year, but I was just too busy. (I know….excuses, but I was a new mom and all – and my clients kept me busy busy!)

365 projects are extremely satisfying and leave with me with creative challenge daily. It’s also a great way to document your year. It really taught me to look at the world differently. I realized the beauty in just every day things.

I’ve decided to take a stab at it again, but this time using my iPhone. I wish I could commit with a camera – but this is just the easiest option for me right now. I figured since I have it on me at all times, I have no excuses, and this will help me to continue to do something creative every single day.  And given that it is really just a cell phone, it poses different kinds of challenges. So far its moving along and I’m happy with the direction its going.  Feel free to follow, or take a look here.

Happy 2011 everyone!

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