sejal and viral.

Sejal and viral got married last thursday at city hall. They were surrounded by family and friends, and sejal looked absolutely beautiful. We drove around in a limo afterwards taking photos downtown.

The first couple I ever photographed was at city hall almost three years ago. I was excited to get the opportunity to do this again, this time for sejal and viral. There is just something about the intimate and private atmosphere that comes along with a civil ceremony – It’sstripped of the little details, and brings to the front and center what this is all about: love.

Congratulations Sejal and Viral – I feel so honored to be part of your day! And thanks for the ride home in your fancy limo!

2 thoughts on “sejal and viral.

  1. Congratulations Sejal – you look beautiful – absolutely breathtaking. So happy for you and Viral. I wish you much love and happiness. Thank you for sending pictures of your special day. You both look so happy.

    Love Elaine

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