nikki and chad.

, After meeting with Nikki and Chad in January, I told them “If you don’t pick me to shoot your wedding, I’m coming as paparrazi!” I have been so excited to shoot their day in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. There wedding was not your traditional wedding – and they stayed extremely true to who they are. They basically threw a big party, and just happened to be getting married too! They had a simple, beautiful ceremony at a park down the street from where Nikki grew up, which they rode to ON A TANDEM BIKE! Instead of vows, they did a top ten list of why they want to be married to eachother…and it was adorable. After the ceremony, we¬† moved on to nikki’s family-owned bar (also down the street), for wings, pizza and cupcakes! There was a jumping castle for the kids (and adults), and the night was filled with just low-maintenance, genuine fun. I feel so lucky to have met such amazing clients, and now friends!

3 thoughts on “nikki and chad.

  1. I love the variety of weddings you shoot! You always seem to know exactly how to capture the personality and energy of your subjects. Congratulations on another bulls-eye shoot!

  2. yes! i love your pictures, but especially your wedding ones. almost makes me want to have a wedding! and then, you know, fly you over for it! :o)

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